1. “I find somewhat uncomfortable the concept of here are two adults, living in the one house involved in a sexual relationship with each other, share many of the household duties, sharing each other’s company, and managing to claim two sets of supporting parents benefits from the Australian taxpayer – while the husband goes out to work every day and runs his business at a loss. However, if that is the way this country functions, taking money from those who work and giving it to those who work but do not need it, then I am not one who is able to run any political barrow from the bench. I just find this situation somewhat uncomfortable.” per Kay J in Tate v Tate, unrep, Family Court of Australia, 4 February 1992.

2. “The issue of unconscionability has vexed the law since the 17th century when John Selden said, “One chancellor has a long foot; another a short foot; a third an indifferent foot. It is the same thing in the chancellor’s conscience.” per Nathan J, in Tzefrios v Polites & Ors [1993] VicSC 76, Vic. Sup. Ct (FC) 24 February 1993.