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Brief History of the City Court, Melbourne Mar 2007 (279KB)
Early Legal Institutions in Victoria 1835-1838 Mar 2007 (351KB)
Magistrates Cases – A Brief History April 2018 (6.1MB)
Mr Justice Edward Eyre Williams Jun 2007 (373KB)
Mr Justice Hartley Williams Mar 2007 (496KB)


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Abuse of Process Mar 2014 (233KB)
Adjournments Mar 2014 (200KB)
Apprehended Bias Oct 2014 (206KB)
Bunning v Cross Mar 2014 (209KB)
Contempt of Court Apr 2014 (219KB)
Dangerous/Careless Driving Mar 2014 (193KB)
Drink Driving in Victoria Jan 2016 (1348KB)
Honest and Reasonable Mistake Sept 2017 (449KB)
Meaning of “Drive” Mar 2014 (126KB)
Mens rea/Strict Liability/Absolute Liability Sept 2017 (495KB)
Motor Vehicle Collisions Apr 2014 (264KB)
Natural Justice/Procedural Fairness Apr 2014 (256KB)
Speeding Charges Apr 2014 (243KB)